Sue Clark-Wittenberg is an antipsychiatry activist.  Sue is 53 years old and was lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Sue is married to Steven Wittenberg.   Sue and Steven founded in 2007 the group called “The International Campaign to Ban Electroshock (ICBE)  website URL:

Sue worked as a civilian secretary for National Defence in Ottawa for the Surgeon General’s branch which was located then on Nepean Street.  Her name then was Sue Wegner (nee Legare).   Sue worked with Eleanor Faulkner, Len Turnbull, Major J.P.D. “Robbie” Robinson, Chief Cruickshank,  and Chief Ballantyne.  

Sue worked for temporary agencies as a senior secretary for goverment departments in Ottawa and in Hull.

Sue was formerly married to Fritz “Fred” Wegner and John Larry Clark.

Sue went to Algonquin College 74-75 at the Heron Park Campus in Ottawa.

Shortly after her graduation she started to work for the Department of National Defence.  Sue took night courses at University of Ottawa in Business Administration.  

Sue was dissatisfied with her job as a secretary and quit her job and then became an activist speaking out against psychiatry.

Sue was part of APPLE when it was formed in 1983 in Ottawa.  Then Sue orgainized her own group in 1988 called Ottawa Advocates for Psychiatric Patients, and then founded the group in 1991 called Psychiatric Survivors of Ottawa (PSO) that is still running with 6 paid staff who are psychiatric survivors.   Sue then founded the group called Canadian Advocates for Psychiatrized People (CAPP) and then Sue and her husband foundedthe group in 2007 called the International Campaign to Ban Electroshock (ICBE)

PERSON WITH DISABILITES: Sue uses an electric wheelchair, Sue has Post Trauma Stress Disorder (PTSD) and has permanent memory loss from having had electroshock, severe arthritis and spinal stenosis

OCCUPATION: Antipsychiatry,Anti-ECT, and antipoverty activist, (all unpaid work) 
FORMER JOBS: Senior secretary, clerk, research assistant for Federal Government. Legal secretary for lawyer. Helped found and develop three survivor groups in Ottawa, public speaker for Royal Ottawa Hospital called the Consumer-As-Expert Program discussing her antipsychiatry viewpoints Sue has been an antipoverty activist in Ottawa who organized peaceful protests, rallies, giving speeches to Federal and provincial and municipal hearings in Ottawa and Ontario, on mental health issues and poverty issues. Sue had been a guest on many radio shows some of which were antipsychiatry radio shows. Sue has been interviewed by the press many times for mental health and poverty issues.

See lists of antipsychiatry radio shows on this website at the URL:

SNAIL MAIL ADDRESS: Getting P.O. Box soon in April of this year. Will post the P.O. Box when I get it on this website 

PUBLIC SPEAKING: due to health concerns, not taking public speaking
engagements at this time

SUE’s BOOK: Sue has an online book about her life called
“The Sue Clark Story – Behind the Locked Ward”
at the URL: Looking for

SUE’S WEBSITES: Sue Clark’s Psychiatry Buster Page – Sue’s Main Website

The Wittenberg Center to End Electroshock

Sue’s 2nd Psychiatry Buster Page

SKILLS: Writing, getting the media to cover my peaceful protests and events, organizing groups, and am an experienced public speaker, author of online book – The Sue Clark Story – Behind the Locked Ward – at the URL: – have a few more
chapters to write

HOBBIES: Reading, writing, doing research on the internet on mental health issues, surfin’ the net, going out with friends for coffee, doing crossword puzzles and watching documentaries and old classic movies on TV

MUSIC I like Latino music, Celtic music, French music, modern rock, and the oldies. Favorite Bands: Beatles and ZZ Top U2, Bon Jovi, Shakira, Frank Sinatra (my favorite singer)

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